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FNQ Backflow and TMV is a family owned business servicing the Greater Cairns, Cassowary Coast and Tablelands regions.

We specialize in the testing, servicing and installation of Backflow prevention devices and Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s) and have almost 10 years experience in the field.

Our team of Plumbers are Backflow and TMV specialists and carry all the parts needed to service and repair a valve to each job before we test it, to ensure there is no unexpected down time.  We are happy to deal with your local Council on your behalf, to ensure you meet all of your compliance obligations and can focus on doing what you do best.  

Not sure of what you do or do not have on site and what your obligations are?  We are able to do a full inspection and audit and provide you with a detailed quote for the ongoing certification of the valves on site.

We can also service Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Certify Safety Showers.

QBCC Contractors Licence #: 15237623

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    Have you just received a letter from the Cassowary Coast regional council, Cairns Regional council, Tablelands regional council or Douglas shire council’s reminding you of your compliance obligations and are unsure what to do?

    Get in contact with us, we are happy to explain what needs to happen and provide you with a detailed quote to ensure you meet your compliance obligations, we can even set up an annual plan to ensure you can focus on your core business.

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    From housing to commercial, backflow valves to all plumbing installations, the team at Tropical Backflow and TMV are fully licenced and insured plumbers with years of experience.

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    Backflow & TMV FAQ

    A backflow valve is a device that ensures that once water has moved through the valve it cannot travel back into the drinking water supply.

    The council has an obligation to ensure when you turn on your tap at home only safe drinking water comes out. To make sure this is always the case whenever there is a high risk zone or fixture, such as a tap next to a grease trap, or a firehose reel in a chemical factory there are backflow prevention devices in place to ensure contaminated water does not re-enter the drinking supply. The valves must be tested and certified each year to ensure they are working effectively, and repaired if they fail.

    Our usual service area covers the greater Cairns region, including the Cassowary Coast, Tablelands and Port Douglas.

    If you are outside these areas and need a Backflow or TMV specialist, please get in contact, we are happy to provide a detailed quote for you.

    TMV valves mix cold and hot water to provide safe warm water, importantly they feature a shut off system should the temperature spike.

    TMV valves are often found in places servicing vulnerable people, such as nursing homes, disability bathrooms and child care facilities. This is because the people using these facilities may not notice a spike or change in temperature, or may not be physically able to move fast enough to save themselves. Considering the 60 degree water that comes out of a standard hot water system can cause 3rd degree burns in as little as 1 second, this device is imperative to keep the vulnerable members of society safe.

    All valves must be registered with the local council and tested and certified each year to ensure they are operating correctly.

    Once the device is registered with council they will contact you each year requesting each device’s form 9 and council fee’s, there are heavy fines if you do not keep up with your obligations. Once you have entrusted Tropical Backflow and TMV to manage your devices, we will contact you the month prior to arrange a date and time that suits your business, then attend site test, repair any faulty devices, and certify each valve. We will even pay your council fees on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on your core business, doing what you do best.

    Most commercial properties will have at least 1 valve on site. If you are unsure what devices are at your premises and your obligations, feel free contact us, we can provide a detailed report.

    Tropical Backflow and TMV